Loyalty to our client is the alpha and omega of the work of an professional researcher and demands the same flawless ethic behaviour both when interacting with their clients and when searching for results.

We have the highest professional ethic standards in communicating with and relating to clients, partners and bodies and in the diligence with which we conduct and present our researches.

Our clients are always informed of all factors and issues pertaining to the feasibility and success of the research as well as time spent and cost. Before beginning any research we always conduct a feasibility study.

We were the first Portuguese company to become a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists, an international body, which is a benchmark in the regulation of professional genealogy services. We also joined their code of ethics. We also developed a specific set of SmartGenealogy principles, which act as conduct guidelines to inform and protect all clients, present and prospective. Read more about them here.

If you have any questions about our services please use our email or our contact form.

Alternatively you can contact the APGEN’s Professional Review Committee, ask any questions and request a free, independent assessment by third parties with no connection to Linhagens. Just contact:

Professional Review Committee
P.O. Box 350998, Westminster, CO 80035-0998
phone: 303-422-9371, fax: +1 303-456-8825