We think and live genealogy as an exciting experience meant for all attached to the right to information. A genealogy specifically aimed at you, one that includes our 5 generations research, genealogy as an experience and custom made research.

we also see great potential in genealogical methods and information to respond to the different needs of various users. We have developed services under the heading of genealogy for al, merging genealogical methods and new technologies to meet several types of demands: from applying for citizenship to probate services, to competitive intelligence and data tracking solutions.


In pursuing this vision, Linhagens has three core values:

Boldness, which allows us to bring genealogy to more and more people with diverse tastes and lifestyles.

Innovation, which drives us to seek new solutions for new challenges always from the standpoint of our clients and potential users.

Loyalty to our client, reflected by our unwavering thoroughness and ethics and by our ability to listen to and to understand our clients.

Read our Pledge:

To constantly use technology to foster and not hinder access to information, to use new intelligent solutions to the benefit of our clients, from relational systems, from the “cloud” and the rise of big data.

To conceive and create new applications and services to match the expectations of people and companies, ensuring an exhilarating experience when rediscovering family history and generating new knowledge on how we relate and know more about ourselves.

To ensure each and every client has precise and scientific answers, which enshrine the unique inimitable character and sense of each ancestor.

To contribute towards social progress by designing and supporting new projects that resort to genealogy to benefit people and communities.

To love and respect the art of genealogy, by constantly learning about the uniqueness of each human being and each genealogy.