Many clients come to us because they want to know their family tree. However, it is important to define what they are looking for and which steps to take. A family tree can be huge, just think that in ten generations ago we all have more than 2.000 ancestors.

If this is your first research and wish to generally know the various branches of ancestors, the 5 generations’ research is the answer to your requests.

This type of research will concentrate on all branches of ancestry until your grandparents 4 generations removed. We will provide information on names, dates of birth and marriage and, often, professions and addresses.

Find out more about our 5 generations’ research.

What is this?

This is a research based on official birth, baptism and marriage documents witch provides you with the names, families, official residences and occupations of your ancestors*.

The 5-generation research allows you to have fast results and later continue the search in one or more branches.

*We adopt the Cluster research method; if we do not find any records of an ancestor we look for a brother/uncle/nephew and so on.

What will I receive?

A 5-generation genealogy tree with an exclusive design.

A genealogy certificate with your ancestors genealogy and all the data obtained through official records.

A research report quoting all used sources and methods with an assurance of thorough and verifiable results.

Copy of all consulted documents.

How much will it cost?

Price up to € 650 | US$ 685.

Linhagens supports all investigations and travel expenses to obtain documents copies.

No surplus charges are required*

The final payment is made on delivery, once the client is satisfied.

* VAT not included, when applicable. If official certificates are required extras fees are applied.