Our team has been tried and tested in all sorts of genealogic and biographic research, including researching immigrant families in olden days and religious communities.

This experience comes from deep knowledge of all document sources in the archives to be researched and of the details of historic times, which ensure speedy success in custom made research designed as per the client’s specifications.

If you don’t want 5 generations’ research, this may be the way to reach your goals.

Find out more about some types of research we can conduct:


We have the proper experience and tools to identify the origin of your Portuguese ancestors.

We can get through situations in witch the client doesn’t know the place of birth of an ancestor or they only know that they are from Portugal.

We also have tools to track ancient parishes and councils, allowing us to continue the research and gather the wanted records.

Besides the research and tracking, we can also obtain copies or official documents certificates.


Imagine that you have information about a branch of your family that goes up to the XVII century and that there are no more records prior to that.

Indeed, it is rather common to establish links with historically relevant families, even with royal families.

Imagine you find out you are actually a descendent of a Portuguese king like D. Afonso III, or from the Prophet Mahomet.

With the use of other sources and the proper genealogy literature, we often connect our clients’ ancestors to previously investigated families.


We conduct the genealogy investigation and biography in several American and European countries (e.g. USA and Brazil).

We direct and coordinate international investigation teams, ensuring the accuracy and quality of the results and their integration.

We also perform and review documental transcriptions to other languages.

For a better service, we perform genealogical and biographical research in several European and South-American countries.