If your goal is to learn how practice genealogy or if you ever thought of giving someone an experience in genealogy research (think of your teenage children during summer break…), we have the answer.

With genealogy as an experience, our team conducts the research beforehand and prepares a guided research plan, to help you make your own genealogy research.

This way you can feel the rush of thumbing through all documents of your ancestors and feel the joy of overcoming the typical challenges of genealogical research.

Our team is constantly on your side to guide you and show you the ins and outs of the art of genealogy. We also include some hints to steer you towards a successful research.

This way we ensure you have the satisfaction of leading and finishing a full genealogical research and also that you get enough experience to conduct researches on your own.

Our plan, your experience.


What is it?

A 4-generation research made by you with our support. We perform a previous research and design a personalized plan with all sort of clues and suggestions.

It is the ideal gift for you, a friend, or family member, with the will to learn how to make a genealogy tree.

An interesting and original activity during Holidays.

What will I receive?

The taste of discovery and adventure, document by document, till the conclusion of the research.

A plan adapted to the needs of the client and a researcher fully available to answer all questions.

Constant support and orientation either in person, telephone or email.

All necessary research materials and documents.

How much will it cost?

Price up to € 450 | US$ 480

Without any additional investigation or document obtaining costs. The client gets all the research results*

The final payment is made only after the conclusion of the experience.

* VAT not included when applicable. When solicited, there may be additional travel expenses.