When collecting information in a genealogic research, our ancestors’ the date of birth is especially important. It defines the beginning of that person’s life and is particularly relevant for other analyses and reflections.

Over the years many of our clients have asked to use the data gleaned from our research and to combine genealogy and astrology to provide a specialized analysis of the family profile.

Linhagens has developed a specialized service coordinated by a member of our staff, Eugénia Saraiva, a psychologist who specializes in analysing and making astrological chart and profiles of families and their members.

This analysis uses methods and principles of family psychotherapy to identify familiar behaviour patterns of family members over time. This information may benefit current and future generations.

Depending on the client’s preference, the results will be delivered as summary Family Astrological Analysis or, for more detailed examination, as a full report. This report will contain a fascinating psychological portrait of the main influences in the maternal and paternal lines, focusing more attentively on these aspects:


Family Conscience: description of the conscience shared by family members, considering the position of the sun on the date of their birth.


Emotional Traits and their expression: description of how most members of the family express themselves emotionally and the main hurdles to overcome in that respect.


Family beliefs and myths: Identifying the main influences which mark the way the family members go through life and how the view life (faith, optimistic vs. pessimistic outlook, individual and family missions).


Family integration: identifying elements to help maximize the development of current family members.