We are a ground-breaking genealogy company created by young entrepreneurs 20 years ago, at a time when the internet was taking its first steps and few could anticipate just how important professional investigation and new technologies would become.

We provide our clients with a motivated team from various professional backgrounds, which is entirely focused in providing and answer to the challenges and demands of people, organizations, companies and governments from all over the world – from Australia to Hawaii, USA, Canada, France or Brazil. We know we owe what we are to our clients!

We use our talent in developing solutions to maximize the potential of genealogy and its applications to reach a new and larger group of users, using novel resources at the service of the client and community.

That is why we created a unique and innovative way to combine personalized research services and new technological solutions, namely competitive intelligence and web search solutions starting from genealogical information. To this effect we created one of the largest databases of Portuguese ancestry and developed powerful algorithms to ensure the information is constantly accurate.

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