We are the oldest professional genealogy service provider in Portugal. Created in 1995, we have a team of specialized researchers, with varying and complementary skills, from history to law, to ensure a multidisciplinary approach and effectiveness in overcoming any possible hurdles. We work with clients all over the world on a daily basis, which are single people and public and private bodies.
We believe that all should have access to genealogic information and that thoroughness and science should preserve the uniqueness of each ancestor and family history. We also believe in developing innovative solutions and approaches to explore hitherto unknown potential, by creating new applications for new users.
We are an innovative company working in a marked by tradition, with a multidisciplinary team and an open and democratic view of genealogy. Our clients are the focus and are in control of the research to ensure a unique and thrilling experience. Each research and its results are designed to preserve the uniqueness and value of each family history. We also believe genealogy can and should be a tool to service our times and community, that is why we regularly develop new solutions and applications using genealogic methods or information.
We perform all sorts of genealogic and biographic research, including custom-made research or focused around immigration and passport records. We further have targeted solutions for applications for Portuguese nationality, identifying and locating heirs, genealogical data tracking using the internet and competitive intelligence.
Our research is based on information from official sources, and whenever justified by their nature or by the researched moment in time, enriched with data from other adequate sources. Our experience and methods combined with state of the art information research and validation solutions allow us to find and validate information in a swift and safe manner.
We have (and will soon be opening it to public access) a database of Portuguese ancestors, which is used frequently. Whenever necessary or useful we can glean information from other databases, both public and private. Information from these sources is subject to analysis and validation through secure means and sources.
All our services include reports of all research made and all information acquired. In the case o genealogic research, our clients will get a Genealogic Certificate about their ancestry and main family events, as well as a tailored family tree with our own proprietary design. We will further deliver a research report certifying the research process and documents used as well as a copy of all marriage and birth certificates collected.
The prices we indicate or agree with our clients are fixed. There will be no deviations, regardless of how difficult or complex the research is, or of where we have to travel do carry it out. Our clients will be informed ahead of time of maximum cost and research duration time. No research shall begin with express consent by the client. Whenever possible our prices are indicated in our website (i.e. 5 generations research). Payment on completion of work.
All our researches are thorough and follow the highest professional standards to ensure that all information is precise and verifiable. Both during the research and in contacting our clients we are entirely loyal to them and our actions and routinely and independently monitored by the Association of Professional Genealogists, the most important international body of professional genealogists, which can act as an independent mediator for our clients.
We guarantee any data we find are only used for our client’s research. We have the proper technical security and safety measures in place to ensure total data confidentiality.
We accept Visa, Paypal, Bank transfer, Check and ATM. Choose the one that is more convenient to you.