Linhagens has ever tried to recover the historic traditions and heritage of ancient Portuguese Jewish communities, namely through genealogic research of Sephardic Jewish ancestors.

We are routinely contacted by people all over the world who are keen to research their Jewish roots. It often happens that we conduct a broad research and when we see possible links to ancient Jewish communities, that is when people request the search be narrowed.

Our team is familiar with the particularities of genealogic research of Sephardic families and is deeply experienced in consulting relevant literature and documents, namely those from the Inquisition or the Holy Office.

Whenever necessary we also use third party specialists in the research and study of Sephardic communities converted or integrated in to the Diaspora, as well as genealogists and bodies from other countries, namely Brazil, Israel and The Netherlands, with whom we have regular cooperation agreements.

Recent changes in Portuguese law allowing the granting of Portuguese nationality to descendants of Sephardic Jews resulted in a significant increase in applications.

In order to comply with new requests and to help as many people as possible, we have created partnerships with several law firms, especially in Israel. These partnerships help Linhagens maintain genealogic work and coordinate the process for acquisition of Portuguese nationality (including contacting Jewish communities in Portugal and local law firms).

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We combined our legal and research know-how to assist our clients in getting their Portuguese nationality.

We perform specialized historical and genealogical research in collaboration with international investigators. .

We ensure coordination with juridical consultants work, designing evidence strategies and preparing the certification process with the Portuguese Jewish communities.


The Portuguese law requires, in addition to the legal documentation of the applicant, an evidence proof of biological or emotional link to the traditional Portuguese Sephardic communities.

This sort of evidence may be established through documents, testimonials and expert options.

Evidence is then submitted to a Portuguese Jewish community for the purposes of obtaining a certificate that supports the citizenship application.


A genealogy report describing the historical or biological ties to Portuguese Sephardic communities. It includes experts’ opinions and evidence collected by other consultants.

Specific legal report from external consultants and any complementary documentation obtained from other sources.

A strategy specifically designed to obtain the right information in light of the families and dates concerned.


Price € 1,300 | US$ 1,400

Depending on the chosen strategy, legal reports and specific studies of others investigators to support the gathered evidences may be solicited.

To the price above, you have to add naturalization and passport application fees, the Jewish community certification fee, notary costs and lawyer fees.