Researching ancestors and their lives on the internet is a common occurrence and does not imply specific knowledge.

However, there are several specialist sites, which are hard to access and whose search engines hold vast amounts of non-indexed information.

Doing a research, with all the variables and combination it entails, can be a lengthy activity, especially when you’re researching several people or if the search yields too many results.

Our team is experienced in identifying and visiting complementary sources and in data tracking. This experience, as well as cooperating with an international systems company, helped us create search algorithms to conduct fast and efficient web searches by automatically mixing several combinations and parameters.

With this service you will be able to:


Identify information usually unavailable over the internet.


Gain information in mandatory subscription sites and databases.


Filter through the great number of results, especially when searching for people with relatively ordinary names.


Use additional research parameters in order to increase the odds of reaching the intended results.


Once our team has finalized the research and validated the results, we will provide a report with all confirmed references, the information gained, location of the information (sites and links) and parameters used in search and filtering of results for each name researched.

For this type of research just send the individual and genealogical data of the subjects. We suggest sending data over .ged (GEDCOM) or .xls (excel) format, but we can extract relevant information and define parameters from other formats.